Accessories & AfterCare


No matter how you wear your hair there are styling and care essentials that will always be of great help. Also, your hair is your beauty, and only you’ll know exactly which accessories and aftercare will work best for you. Here you will find an assortment of products to accompany you on your hair journey!

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Bigen Hair Colour
£4.85 / pack(s)
Wide Tooth Comb
£3.50 / unit(s)
Double Rack Teaser Comb
£1.50 / unit(s)
Hair Dryer Pik
£3.00 / unit(s)
De-tangling Brush
£6.50 / unit(s)
Heat Cap
£5.50 / unit(s)
Conditioning Cap
£1.50 / unit(s)
Satin Wrap
£2.00 / unit(s)
Mesh Wrap
£2.00 / unit(s)
Hair Buns
£8.00 / unit(s)