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Avoiding tangles is one of the main benefits of putting your hair in a wrap at night. As you sleep, your head tosses and shifts throughout the night and hair can also get matted on your blanket. This can lead to some serious tangles and mats in your hair which in turn can cause breakage when you attempt to comb them out in the morning.
Satin Wraps are the best way to protect your hair at night. Whether you roll, plait, pin up or natural, you can't go wrong when you use a Satin Wrap.
The main benefit of using a Satin Wrap is to protect your hair from getting tangled or drying out through the course of sleeping. Satin Wraps also help to hold moisture in your hair. Dryness can occur due to your hair rubbing on the fabrics in your bed as well as rubbing against itself constantly. 

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